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As industry veterans with valuable experience gained through a long, stable history working on Wall Street, we have created our new firm to elevate our clients’ experience, through enhanced service, robust investment strategies, integrated technology, and collaboration with their other advisors.

Hi, I’m Daniel. I’ve learned two things early on in life. First, listen to the wisdom of the people who came before you. Second, this isn’t the dress rehearsal, you only get one shot at life. I try to harness that wisdom and tenacity for life to bring about the highest level of financial advice to my clients.

I’ve always considered myself to be a life learner, never satisfied with “good enough”. Even with my off time, it’s always with the goal of self-improvement. You won’t find me twiddling my thumbs. I’d rather spend time gathering information on how to fix something around the house, or spend time researching a new stock idea. I’m always yearning for more intellectual and creative fulfillment.

Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace my curious nature. Impatiently devouring knowledge for alternative solutions to add to my practice has enabled me to birth my own venture. My belief that there is a better way to integrate fields of expertise to provide the most elevated client experience has motivated me to share my philosophy, it lights a fire beneath everything I do. My day is mostly spent with “Doers” who share in this mindset. We integrate the experiences and knowledge we have gathered to develop a unique portfolio discipline, not used by many.

People who are consummate learners, they have a common thread, they ask questions. In particular, they ask why? That question led me to develop my own set of investment principals. Why you ask…because the vast majority of financial advisors have one way of investing money, which is mostly self-serving. Why should I adopt that philosophy? How does it best capture market returns.  I believe a different approach is necessary. An approach that understands the “herd” mentality, but without becoming the sheep.

Thanks for spending your time learning more about me. Come say hi—we may be future collaborators, mutual benefactors, or friends!

Daniel Hare has been in the financial services business since 2000. Dan manages and provides hands-on guidance for affluent families, business corporations and non-profit organizations in sophisticated portfolio design, investment selection and non-correlated asset allocation management. 

Dan takes a solutions-oriented planning approach to solving his clients’ specific objectives. Dan spends a great amount of time analyzing and quantifying the financial issues of each client. He researches and uses leading technology to prepare a confidential and comprehensive personalized plan for each of his clients. This plan is continually monitored, adjusted over time, as needed, to match the client’s goals, timeframe, economic and business climate, and life/corporate event changes.

Dan has served his clientele for 20 years and earned his Bachelor Degree in Finance from Rochester Institute of Technology.  Dan also earned the industry designations of Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®) from the College of Financial Planning and Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor (CPFA®) from the National Association of Plan Advisors. These designations are recognized industry wide and ensure that Dan is ethically sound as well as educated on all aspects of how to help his clients reach their retirement goals. (For more information on the advisor certification, see the CRPC website at www.cffp.edu and the CPFA website at www.napfa.org)

Dan has two children Eleanora and Marianna and resides in Rochester with his wife Lisa. He enjoys spending time at his house on Canandaigua Lake hiking, fishing, boating and paddle boarding.

Hello. I’m the other Dan. I bring people’s dreams & goals together by creating an ever-evolving financial plan through the entirety of their retirement. A financial plan should never sit on a shelf and collect dust. It should be constantly updated and refined to provide a clear path as to where the client is headed and how they are going to get there.

Over the years I’ve learned that I have a true passion for being part of people’s lives. I have had some really hard uncontrolled things happen in my own life so I have great empathy for my clients when something unforeseen sneaks up on them when everything seems just fine.  This has helped me to listen more and to truly get to know them. So, that when a client has a dream, I take great pride on being someone that helps bring them closer to making it a reality. 

I have a saying I’m very fond of. “We do all this planning and real life happens in between.” This is a philosophy that I’ve subscribed to for many years. I’m keenly aware that a client’s circumstances today will be different, and sometimes far different, in the future. Some curveball(s) will be thrown at them and it’s what we do in response to those encounters that will make the difference between having an anxious, worried retirement and enjoying a comfortable, confident retirement.

Today, I’m a Senior Wealth Advisor & co-founder of Elevatus Wealth Management. I’m very proud of the company we have created because I believe none of us should ever stop trying to learn and get better at all things in our lives. So, whether it be a higher level of Financial Planning for my clients or raising my Italian cooking skills at home I seek to be better in everything I do. I look forward to connecting, or reconnecting, with you soon. Thanks for stopping by.

Daniel Antocicco began serving clients in the financial services industry in 2000. He is a Fiduciary, meaning he has a fundamental obligation to provide investment advice that always acts in a client’s best interest regardless of circumstances. Dan does this by taking a holistic view of all aspects of a client’s financial picture. He gets to know his clients by going through a comprehensive process, learning about their goals in areas such as investing, retirement planning, insurance planning, tax & estate planning, and more. He delves into each category in great detail so that his clients come away with a clear understanding of where they are with each topic and what his recommendations are. By truly knowing his clients, Dan is able to give his best interest advice, configured around each client’s specific situation.

Dan subscribes to the investment philosophy called Trend Trading, which looks for trends using charting for a particular investment. There may be up trends, down trends, or no trends at all. Along with fundamental analysis, the team at Elevatus use this technique to determine when to possibly get into an investment and subsequently when to possibly get out of an investment. The idea is to let winners run and cut losers short. Dan believes that this investment strategy can help with protecting assets in a down market.

Dan is a graduate of Roberts Wesleyan College where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. (For more information on the advisor certification, see the CPFA website at www.napfa.org)

Dan has two children, Natasha and Danny. He enjoys spending time with his kids supporting whatever activity they are currently engaged in, whether it be sports, music or something else. He also enjoys writing, reading, golf and karaoke.

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